Essential Oil Nurses Conference: Science Not Stories

Are you a healthcare professional interested in implementing essential oils into your practice or at your facility?  What if I told you that you could spend the entire day surrounded by hundreds of other professionals who feel exactly the same way and you could spend hours learning about how it’s

Essential Oils and Nursing

Essential oils have been a universal part of holistic health care for thousands of years. They offer some of the best forms of physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being in a safe and natural way. There is a common misconception that essential oils are purely utilized as a means

Back to School with Essential Oils

Someone once told me that there are two New Years every year. The first is the first of January, and the second is the day after Labor Day! Does anyone else feel this way? For some reason it’s always a crazy transition going from summer to fall, whether you have

Exercise is a Waste of Time!

You heard me!!! Exercise is a waste of time… It makes you hungry, tired, and does not help you lose weight! If your only motivation to exercise and work out is to lose weight then STOP! (On the other hand, if you want to have more energy, strength, better brain

Summer Series: Cooking with Essential Oils

Hello again, Wellness Warriors! Today I want to talk to you about cooking with essential oils!   Have you ever been cooking a recipe that called for a certain ingredient that you didn’t have, and you found yourself frantically searching your kitchen for a last minute substitute?? This happens to