Summer Series: Traveling with Essential Oils

I want to share with you my essential oil travel tips for Planes, Trains, & Automobiles!    Where did you travel to this summer? Going anywhere fun for the holidays?? Here are my best travel oils to keep you healthy and sane!! – For general travel tummy, use DigestZen. — Don’t forget to take your

Caring Beyond Borders

Do you want to go on a Humanitarian Healthcare mission? Since my days as a teenager living in Southern California, I’ve been traveling to the border towns of Mexico to visit orphanages, play with kids, distribute food and clothing. It was during these trips that I realized that I wanted

What I’m Craving

Have you ever heard of a Keto diet?? Well, I’m in my 3rd month of Keto-style eating. I’m fully adapted and intermittent fasting 16 to 24 hours a few times a week without any issues at all. Although I’m not craving sugar… I do find myself craving variety, and a

Oils For Your Emotions Series – Motivate

Do you consider yourself to be an “emotional” person? Well, the truth is that we are human and this means we are ALL emotional people, whether we want to admit it or not! I am not always the best at expressing my emotions but I know that holding them in

Essential Oils: Sun and Safety

Well, we already talked about how essential oils can help prevent and treat bug bites! So, as we continue along with the Summer Series, I wanted to be sure to share two important essential oil safety issues, storage considerationsand photo sensitivity. Storage: I like to treat my essential oils like food.