Exercise is a Waste of Time!

You heard me!!! Exercise is a waste of time… It makes you hungry, tired, and does not help you lose weight!

If your only motivation to exercise and work out is to lose weight then STOP! (On the other hand, if you want to have more energy, strength, better brain function, less stress, or improved flexibility and cardiovascular endurance – then you SHOULD work out.) Just stop telling yourself that you are working out to lose weight… you will only be disappointed!


I’m sure you are thinking I’ve gone crazy… but fortunately, I have not! Countless research articles, including follow-up studies of Biggest Loser Contestants, prove it. And even more than that research proves that the “calories-in-calories-out” or “all calories are equal” thinking is a big fat LIE!

The only thing your body understands is hormones… it doesn’t understand calories. So while I’m telling you to stop exercising for weight loss, I’ll tell you to stop counting calories too. (There may be some value to tracking macro-nutrient percentages for some people, and for a period of time..but that’s a different conversation.)

Over the last year, I have been reading extensively on the weight-loss lies and myths that most of us have been told over the last 30 years, (originating unfortunately from bad research and even worse from our government) and for many of us for our entire lives! The bottom line is that conventional, institutional wisdom, “eat-less and move-more,” is absolutely WRONG!

As I said, there are dozens if not hundreds of reasons to move daily… the reasons just don’t include weight loss over the long-haul.

I have spent the last year learning and re-learning biochemistry, endocrinology, and nutrition science at the feet of some of the most intelligent people I have ever known. This includes Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Jason Fung, and science journalist Gary Taubes.

I own their books, subscribe to their newsletters, follow them on LinkedIn, and binge watch hours of interviews that they do on YouTube.

They inspire me to:

  1. limit my intake of carbohydrates (especially “added sugars” and “refined grains” – it’s important to remember that while most carbs are bad, not all of them are)
  2.  to eat loads more fat (yes, FAT… bacon, eggs, and avocados are my daily staple now)
  3. and basically to flip the American Food Pyramid upside down!

If you have not heard of them and would like to learn more, I’ll give you a quick run down on my favorite YouTube videos by these three prophets.

Brace yourself for a paradigm shift, it happened to me! Be prepared to be blown away by information that will challenge everything you have ever been told about what to eat (and when to eat), and the logic of it is undeniable. Also gear up your brain for some hard-hitting evidence and science that could change the entire health care system if this information were to be shared widely enough!

Dr. Robert Lustig –


Dr. Jason Fung –

https://youtu.be/YpllomiDMX0 – Part 1 of 6 (yes, 6! And I’ve watched them all at least twice!)

Gary Taubes –


If your husband or boyfriend will only believe something if Joe Rogan (from UFC fame) says it, then check out this interview with him and Gary Taubes on the conspiracy of the American Diet on the Joe Rogan show –

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