I have partnered with several organizations and leveraged my voice as a nurse to further the mission of their very important causes.


In 2008, I climbed Mt. Shasta as part of a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Fund. I carried hundreds of prayer flags up the mountain with me to honor, bless, and remember freinds, family, and colleagues affected by Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Fund

Since then I have acted as one of the Breast Cancer Fund’s Strong Voice advocate, speaking and spreading their mission – to prevent Breast Cancer BEFORE it starts by identifying and eliminating environmental causes of the disease.

Their work goes hand and hand with the work I do in my company, Green NICU, where I provide training about simple ways that nurses can “green”their  NICU work environment and their personal life too.

In April 2011 I received a great honor from the Breast Cancer Fund,their annual Hero award for my innovative course and the work I have done with them.  If you’d like to learn more about this great organization, and how they are connecting the dots with strong scientific evidence between environmental toxins and the breast cancer, just click here, and if you’d like to donate funds on behalf of your loved ones effected by Breast Cancer you can do so on my personal donation page, just click here.

Natural Health Solutions & Education

In 2012 I started using essential oils to reduce my toxic load and support my health without using chemically laden over-the-counter products or traditional Western Medicine (strange for a Nurse, I know!).

In 2013 I started offering on-line and in-person education classes on a variety of natural health and wellness topics, including how to incorporate essential oils as part of a daily health routine.  Check out my website – Oilsana.com-  to learn more about natural health solutions, to purchase my favorite essential oils,  and to submit an application to join my education team.

Green NICU

I created an online course called “10 Easy Ways to Go Green in the NICU” in 2010 and is still available as a self-study with CEU credits. 



Alliance of Nurses for  Healthy Environments

Since 2008, I have also been a member of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments.  The mission of ANHE is to inform and educate nurses, regardless of their position, specialty, or work setting on the fundamental principles of environmental health, not as its own specialty but as an integral part of every professional nurses’ practice.  To join the online community for ANHE, go to: www.enviRN.org