I have developed online courses with continuing education credits available.

Bedside Brain Monitoring

I have a particular interest in neonatal bedside brain monitoring using aEEG and have been using it since 2004.  To support others in learning how to use aEEG, I created an online community and course for NICU clinicians.  This course is especially designed for those units who are working on advancing the integration of this technology in to their daily practice.  To learn more, click here.


Going Green in the NICU

Since 2008 I have been learning about mounting evidence between our health (and disease) and chemicals found in our environment.   I have also discovered that many of these harmful chemicals are used more frequently in health care, so I have been exploring ways to “Go Green” at home and at work. After scouring books, magazines, and attending conference, I created a Self-Study learning module with Nursing CEUs called “10 Simple Ways to Go Green in the NICU”.  To learn more, click here.