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Hi!  This is Kathi and I'm part of your doTERRA Support Team.

I made this quick video to share with you the benefits of the Loyalty Rewards Program.  This program saves you time and money; and it is the best way to get more from your doTERRA membership and maximize your health too!

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Who is Nurse Kathi?

  • A NICU Nurse Practitioner with more than 22 years experience
  • Essential oils and natural health expert and educator
  • An internationally known speaker on a variety of neonatal and alternative health topics
  • Passionate environmental activist to prevent breast cancer before it starts
  • An entrepreneur with more than 10 years of business experience away from the bedside
  • Consultant to academic medical centers, community health organizations and medical companies
  • Creator of aEEG Coach and Green NICU Consulting
  • Offering online and onsite consultations to NICU's world wide
  • Mentor to nurses who want to leverage their RN away from the bedside
  • An inventor of two products sold to hospitals world wide