Nurse Entrepreneur and Business Coach - Kathi Randall - Presents:

"25 Ways to Make Money Beyond the Bedside:

Live & Work on Your Own Terms!"

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Video #1 -- What is a Nurse Entrepreneur? Where can they work?

Video #2 -- 25 Ways to Make $$ away from the bedside!

Video #3 -- My #1 Time Management tip to find more time in your week!

Video #4 -- 5 simple steps to get started in business this year.

What's included:

In this 4-Part video series, I'll give you: 

1) 25+ Ideas for making money away from the bedside (and outside the hospital)

2) My formula for deciding how much to charge and determining what your time is really worth per hour

3) The three most common business models for nurse entrepreneurs

4) A few of the tax savings strategies I have used over the last decade

5) My #1 secret to finding more time in the week (without losing more sleep)

6) Five simple steps to get started in business this year

And some bonus material on planning for retirement and beyond!

I'll share my 14-year journey from bedside nurse to CEO and the many mistakes I have made along the way; in hopes that you can avoid them as you begin your business.

Believe me, I wish I had known ALL this information when I first started out!!

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Kathi Salley Randall, RN, MSN, CNS, NNP-BC

Kathi is an inventor, consultant, environmental activist, international speaker, and researcher. Her company provides support to individuals, groups and organizations around the world.

Her nursing career spans more than 20 years and her clinical expertise resides in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with a special interest in neonatal neurology, including neuroprotection and neuromonitoring.

She has owned and operated an international education and consulting business for more than 10 years; and her business experience ranges from self-employment to the corporate world.